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Lanstrac Gaming

2018-11-10 21:04:20 | Profile
Whos here from grandayy or grande1899

Amanda Larson

2018-10-07 05:57:01 | Profile
Over 685.000 people disliked this video should be ashamed also the video is upside down imust turn my monitor so I can see everything like a real Australian

Paul Yahl

2018-09-28 04:59:20 | Profile
Grandes remix is way better


2018-09-12 21:53:57 | Profile
My only question is what is attached by cord to the one guy? Aside from that, cant help but enjoy the almost 4 minutes of this song.

Rainy Wombdiska

2018-09-05 21:42:31 | Profile
this should be the australian national anthem

Pol Drevo

2018-08-30 05:40:36 | Profile
Down Under Africa in September is the newest collab releasing soon

Quentin Denaes

2018-08-22 06:56:12 | Profile
Yo they named a continent after this song, Australia

Richard Beechey

2018-08-08 03:10:20 | Profile
Everyone who dislikes this is from New Zealand

Emerson Fonseca

2018-07-27 01:48:59 | Profile
Literally search "strange lady made me nervous"